This post is a continuation of the last one, New Year’s Musings. In that post, we talked about our resolutions to practice better planning and better communication and training. We believe those resolutions will be crucial as we strive toward our new goals in 2019.

2019 marks the beginning of Year #2 for Dimes Brewhouse. In our first year, it often felt like we were barely keeping up with day-to-day operation of the brewery. That feeling was definitely strongest in the beginning, and has eased considerably as we all become better and more efficient at what we do. Now that we finally have some breathing room, it’s time for us to take on more. So here we have them, our top three goals for 2019:

Goal #3: Building Improvements

We are pretty proud of this little flower shop-turned-brewery, but there are some things we’d still like to update.

Outside, we want to replace the porch railing with something sturdier, and add some balusters that will make the wheelchair-accessible ramp blend in seamlessly with the porch, and paint them in our signature Dimes Brewhouse red! We plan to bring back a little bit of that old flower-shop flair with some flower boxes on the patio and porch this spring, and we need to seal our patio furniture and add feet to the benches and tables to eliminate wobble.

In the taproom, we are going to add a few more lights to brighten up the space, and we are brainstorming more ways to emphasize our science theme. (Suggestions? Let us have ‘em!) We also want to make better use of the tv this year, whether that means using it for presentations, or playing old and new science shows.

In the hidden underbelly of our brewery, we could use some better organization and decluttering. I’m sure there are a bunch of you out there who have heard of the KonMari method or seen the new Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” – that’s basically what we need to do in our basement!

Actual picture of how I dream our tools will be organized.

Actual picture of how I dream our tools will be organized.

Goal #2: Events


We want to do a lot more big and small events at Dimes Brewhouse! This year, look forward to a big outdoor festival-type event in the summer. Think: roping off our alley and back parking lot, live music, multiple food trucks, beer tents and good vibes all around.

We are also going to try to plan seasonal beer releases ahead of time, and getting them out on time so that all can be enjoyed in the season they were brewed for. We are going to try making a bigger deal out of them by combining them with other fun stuff.

We want to do more recurring events, along with continuing our monthly Open Mic Night and Artist Meet and Greet events. We’ve been tossing around ideas for game nights, brewing and science presentations, cooking contests, and more music events.

What kind of events do you want to see us bring to Dimes Brewhouse? Send us your thoughts.

This brings us to (drumroll please) our biggest goal of the year:

Goal #1: Food

panini sandwich.jpg

To make sure Dimes is right here, serving our community for a long time, we think the next step is food.

This summer, we started bringing Got Smoke BBQ food truck to Dimondale on a regular basis. Toward the end of this summer, we started bringing in more food vendors. The food trucks definitely do a great job bringing more customers into the brewhouse. On the other hand, we’ve had many a slow night when there is no food truck present. It is unreasonable to try and schedule a food truck for every single night (and not going to be allowed under the Village’s new food truck ordinance). So that has us thinking that the next step is: food. Our own food. In our tiny, 1000-square-foot building that is already pretty packed with brewing equipment, we are going to make food.

We will have to get creative with our space and with our menu, but we are already making a plan. We will need to move our wine and soda kegerator downstairs, add some new taplines to our back bar, and figure out the best way to push even more products from the basement to the taproom. That will leave room to squeeze a small food-prep area into the same space as our brewing equipment. It’s going to be cramped. But we think it’s going to be worth it.

We will have a small menu, focusing on grilled sandwiches. There will be a build-your-own grilled cheese section, and a few appetizers. We’ll try to keep it fun and fresh with inspired sandwich specials that rotate in and out. We might try to fit in soup. It all depends on how much we can physically fit in the small space we have to work with, and how innovative we can be!

Will we get all this stuff done in 2019? We’re sure going to try!

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New Year’s Musings

New Year’s Musings

The New Year has us contemplating the future of Dimes Brewhouse. After our 1-Year Anniversary, we are taking a much needed deep breath as we enjoy the holidays and rethink how we do things around here. We are still working to ensure that Dimes is a sustainable business. Our mission is to be here, serving our community for a long time. Our first year in business has taught us a lot…

Your Friendly Village Brewery: 1 Year In

Your Friendly Village Brewery: 1 Year In

As we come upon our 1 year anniversary, we thought it would be fun to look back at some stats about the brewery and taproom over our first year in business. So here it is, a fun little infographic-style blog post for your enjoyment: Dimes Brewhouse, By The Numbers

Calling All Artists

Calling All Artists

If you are an artist or photographer who would like to showcase your work, keep reading! If you know an artist or photographer, please pass this information on to them. We are currently building our art display calendar for the end of this year, and through 2019. Local artists can get some great exposure by displaying their work on our taproom wall.

Photo Tour!

Photo Tour!

As we get closer and closer to opening, we thought it'd be fun to take a look back at our journey so far. Dimondale's little flower shop has been transformed, and Dimes Brewhouse is getting sooo close to brewing our first batch of beer! Join us on a photo tour of the last two and a half years. 

What a Fantastic Floor You Have!

What a Fantastic Floor You Have!

So what has been going on inside Dimes Brewhouse lately? A whole lot of floor work. The brewing area needs a tough floor to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and the floor in the tap room needs to withstand years of foot traffic. Breweries typically have concrete floors, which can be sealed and washed down. The sub-floor at Dimes is plywood, which doesn't take water and wear very well. Also it just looks like a sub-floor.

The Traveling Brites!

The Traveling Brites!

We recently purchased some brewing equipment from a brewery in San Francisco: Armstrong Brewing Co. ...

So, what equipment did we buy that was located nearly 2,600 miles away? Brite tanks!!!

Now you are probably thinking, "What the heck is a Brite tank, and are three exclamation points really necessary?"  

Construction Progress, In Pictures

Construction Progress, In Pictures

The Hardy Builders construction crew has been hard at work lately, and the progress is really cool to see.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? For that reason, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking on this topic. If you want all the details, click on the pictures and more descriptions will pop up over them. Enjoy!

ANNOUNCING: The Mad Chemist Club at Dimes Brewhouse

ANNOUNCING: The Mad Chemist Club at Dimes Brewhouse

What is it?

A LIFETIME membership to the coolest club around, that’s what! Club members will be treated to all kinds of perks at Dimes Brewhouse.

What perks?

Glad you asked! Club members will get a 50¢ discount off EVERY drink (including beer, cider, & wine in every size that we will sell), every day we are open. They’ll also get a $2 discount off every growler. One night of the week will be Club Night, when members will receive an additional 50¢ discount (total $1 off). The Mad Chemist Club members will always be the first to know about limited release and experimental beers, and they will get early and/or discounted access to special events held at Dimes.

Dear Dimes Family: An Update

Dear Dimes Family:

It’s been a long time. It feels like only a week or two ago that we hinted on Facebook that our next blog post would be written about two of our favorite things: beer, and science! Well, I just checked, and that was actually about four weeks ago. I swear, we are living in a time-warp. Everything around us, including Mother Nature and the rest of civilization, is moving faster than we are.

The Tale of the Very Wet Basement

The Tale of the Very Wet Basement

Once upon a time, back when we bought the building that is to become the home of Dimes Brewhouse, we were aware that one of the corners in the basement was damp. It happened to be a corner of the building that was drywalled in, so it wasn't easy to see the extent of the water problem.

Progress. Slow progress.

These days everyone asks us how the brewery is going, which is a great question, and I love the fact that people are interested! I just wish I had a more exciting answer.

Progress has been ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME. One small, tiny little step at a time. Feeling like a tortoise in a race.

First Competition Experience

In the beginning of 2015, Chad and I got involved with several local home brewing clubs. The experience we've had with both of the brewing clubs has been invaluable. We’ve met so many fun, smart, and creative brewers, who have built a wealth of knowledge from their collective years of brewing experience. 

Is the Business Plan Dead?

As a wanna-be entrepreneur, I've been reading magazines like Inc. and Entrepreneur for years. In those magazines and online, I've read articles that claimed that the business plan is dead. 

"When are you going to open?"

The most common question, by far, that gets asked about Dimes Brewhouse is "When are you going to open?" And we love to hear that question, because it sounds like we have some thirsty patrons who can't wait for Dimes to open the doors for business! It really says something about the support of the local community, and that in itself is extremely exciting and encouraging.

How it all began

In the fall of 2014, Chad and I went to a Village Council meeting out of curiosity and a desire to get involved in the Dimondale community.  We started asking questions about some of the buildings that were for sale downtown...