What a Fantastic Floor You Have!

What a Fantastic Floor You Have!

So what has been going on inside Dimes Brewhouse lately? A whole lot of floor work. The brewing area needs a tough floor to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and the floor in the tap room needs to withstand years of foot traffic. Breweries typically have concrete floors, which can be sealed and washed down. The sub-floor at Dimes is plywood, which doesn't take water and wear very well. Also it just looks like a sub-floor.

The Traveling Brites!

The Traveling Brites!

We recently purchased some brewing equipment from a brewery in San Francisco: Armstrong Brewing Co. ...

So, what equipment did we buy that was located nearly 2,600 miles away? Brite tanks!!!

Now you are probably thinking, "What the heck is a Brite tank, and are three exclamation points really necessary?"  

Construction Progress, In Pictures

Construction Progress, In Pictures

The Hardy Builders construction crew has been hard at work lately, and the progress is really cool to see.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? For that reason, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking on this topic. If you want all the details, click on the pictures and more descriptions will pop up over them. Enjoy!

ANNOUNCING: The Mad Chemist Club at Dimes Brewhouse

ANNOUNCING: The Mad Chemist Club at Dimes Brewhouse

What is it?

A LIFETIME membership to the coolest club around, that’s what! Club members will be treated to all kinds of perks at Dimes Brewhouse.

What perks?

Glad you asked! Club members will get a 50¢ discount off EVERY drink (including beer, cider, & wine in every size that we will sell), every day we are open. They’ll also get a $2 discount off every growler. One night of the week will be Club Night, when members will receive an additional 50¢ discount (total $1 off). The Mad Chemist Club members will always be the first to know about limited release and experimental beers, and they will get early and/or discounted access to special events held at Dimes.

Dear Dimes Family: An Update

Dear Dimes Family:

It’s been a long time. It feels like only a week or two ago that we hinted on Facebook that our next blog post would be written about two of our favorite things: beer, and science! Well, I just checked, and that was actually about four weeks ago. I swear, we are living in a time-warp. Everything around us, including Mother Nature and the rest of civilization, is moving faster than we are.

The Tale of the Very Wet Basement

The Tale of the Very Wet Basement

Once upon a time, back when we bought the building that is to become the home of Dimes Brewhouse, we were aware that one of the corners in the basement was damp. It happened to be a corner of the building that was drywalled in, so it wasn't easy to see the extent of the water problem.

Progress. Slow progress.

These days everyone asks us how the brewery is going, which is a great question, and I love the fact that people are interested! I just wish I had a more exciting answer.

Progress has been ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME. One small, tiny little step at a time. Feeling like a tortoise in a race.

First Competition Experience

In the beginning of 2015, Chad and I got involved with several local home brewing clubs. The experience we've had with both of the brewing clubs has been invaluable. We’ve met so many fun, smart, and creative brewers, who have built a wealth of knowledge from their collective years of brewing experience. 

Is the Business Plan Dead?

As a wanna-be entrepreneur, I've been reading magazines like Inc. and Entrepreneur for years. In those magazines and online, I've read articles that claimed that the business plan is dead. 

"When are you going to open?"

The most common question, by far, that gets asked about Dimes Brewhouse is "When are you going to open?" And we love to hear that question, because it sounds like we have some thirsty patrons who can't wait for Dimes to open the doors for business! It really says something about the support of the local community, and that in itself is extremely exciting and encouraging.

How it all began

In the fall of 2014, Chad and I went to a Village Council meeting out of curiosity and a desire to get involved in the Dimondale community.  We started asking questions about some of the buildings that were for sale downtown...