I am local artist who loves to create pieces I would want hang in my house (and I often DO hang them here)! I went to school for graphic design but ended up in printing operations for years and years. Some of my work takes ques from my graphic background, but the majority is based in nature. I really like my style to be loose and free, a mix of expressionism and impressionism. My canvass pieces are all Oils, and my prints hand-cut screen printed images on canvass paper or printmaking paper, using Acrylic or Screen Print ink. I do not get any pleasure out of trying to make my pieces look like reality - I will leave that to the fantastic photographers in the art community! I have only recently started showing my work in public and it has been a great experience. I hope my pieces can bring joy to someone else, that is what would make me happy.

Come meet the artists in person from 3-5pm in the Taproom!