Come in April 14th to meet our featured Artist of the Month Jenny Hahn! She will be in from 3pm-5pm to meet with patrons. Her art will be displayed and on sale starting April 3rd thru the month!

Artist Bio

Growing up my family moved a lot; this blessed me with the
opportunity to travel and of getting to seeing the colors and customs of a lot of South America. In particular I always enjoyed spending time in nature and seeing the local art. When in the U.S. I surrounded by family, Grandmother, Aunt and Father that enjoyed painting and drawing so art has always been a part of my life.

Since high school I have enjoyed doodling and have painted a few
murals on the walls of my bedrooms. It was not till 3 years ago that I
started painting on canvas and only in 2017 started offering them for
purchase to the public.

Since 2017 I have had a piece in Art Prize and was selected to be in East Lansing Art Fair as an Emerging Artist. I have had been blessed to be allowed to show and sell my art in several businesses around MidMichigan as well as at All Art Works Gallery. In 2018 I started doing murals and pet portrait on consignment.
I enjoy using a verity of styles; all for the purpose of bring color, smiles and peace into the world and more specifically into people’s homes.