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NOTE: We don't always have all of the beverages below on tap. Please visit our homepage to see what's currently on tap.



Our Midwest style IPA is all about the balance between the sweetness of malt, and the bitterness of the hops. Brewed with two-row and Munich malts, and Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial hops.



This New England IPA is hoppy, but not too bitter. The beer is cloudy, with a smooth mouthfeel due to the high mineral content and the addition of hops during active fermentation.

Our second New England IPA is a mash-up of our other two IPAs – combining the hops from Equilibrium and the grain bill and water chemistry of Turbidium. More hop resin and bitterness: this one is for the hop lovers!



A hoppy, juicy New England style IPA brewed with midnight wheat malt for the dark color and roasty character typical of a stout or porter. A massive dry hop of Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops make way for the smooth roasty, and slightly bitter finish.

Brown Is The New Black


A double dry-hopped New England style IPA brewed with lactose and vanilla for an extra creamy mouthfeel from start to finish. Hopped with Warrior, Citra, and Mosaic hops for massive flavor.

Bringing the Boys to the Yard

Milkshake IPA

The Ringer

Amber Ale

Ringer greets you with an aroma of caramel, with the flavor of fresh baked bread and very little hop bitterness. If this beer were a person, she would be sweet, and have an easy-going personality. This beer's name is a nod to Dimondale's past, when our village was nicknamed the "Horseshoe Capital of the World." 


Pale Ale


Take a trip to Hawaii with the enticing aromas of pineapple and citrus.  The flavors of tropical fruits and grapefruit zest come from the addition of 84 pounds of real pineapple puree and 7 pounds of Azacca hops added after fermentation.

An easy drinking pale ale that will have you soaring over fresh hop fields, like the ones used in this SMASH (Single Malt, Single Hop) recipe, which includes Vienna malt and fresh Cascade hops from the garden of one of our favorite customers!

The Aviator

Pale Ale

Dimond Ale

Blonde Ale

Light golden color. Clean and crisp with an earthy grain flavor and a dash of bitterness on the back-end.

Dry Irish Stout

A traditional take on this style. Not too heavy, with a roasty aroma and flavor. Clean and dry finish.


Scottish Ale

Smooth and malty. The ABV of this beer falls right between an 80 and 90 shilling.

Brown Porter

Brown and opaque, extremely roasty with a hoppy kick.

Weizen (German Wheat)

This refreshing beer is characterized by the yeast, which produces a distinctive flavor profile that has hints of banana, clove, and a touch of tartness. The weizen is made with 50% malted wheat and 50% malted barley, with German Hallertau hops.

Pucker up for this tart kettle-soured German ale! This wheat and barley-based sour ale can be served on its own, or in the traditional way with your choice of gourmet flavored syrup.

Berliner Weisse

The spiciness that is characteristic of Saison yeast and rye, with 80 pounds of pumpkin for a seasonal brew perfect for autumn.

Not Your Basic Pumpkin Ale

Saison/Yam Beer

Other Stuff

Cider   We always have a new cider on tap. Check our beeriodic table menu on the wall to see if it’s dry, sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry, or if we’ve decided to get creative and add some other flavors.

Mead – We use local honey from Willow Blossom Farms in our mead. Our menu rotates through various fruited and non-fruited meads.

Wines – We make our wine in-house in small batches, and try to keep both a red & white option available at all times. Check our beeriodic table or ask about our latest varieties.

Sodas (Non-alcoholic)  – We rotate through different types of pop, from Root Beer, Cream Soda, to Cherry Cranberry, and other flavors.