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ANNOUNCING: The Mad Chemist Club at Dimes Brewhouse

ANNOUNCING: The Mad Chemist Club at Dimes Brewhouse

What is it?

A LIFETIME membership to the coolest club around, that’s what! Club members will be treated to all kinds of perks at Dimes Brewhouse.

What perks?

Glad you asked! Club members will get a 50¢ discount off EVERY drink (including beer, cider, & wine in every size that we will sell), every day we are open. They’ll also get a $2 discount off every growler. One night of the week will be Club Night, when members will receive an additional 50¢ discount (total $1 off). The Mad Chemist Club members will always be the first to know about limited release and experimental beers, and they will get early and/or discounted access to special events held at Dimes.

How it all began

In the fall of 2014, Chad and I went to a Village Council meeting out of curiosity and a desire to get involved in the Dimondale community.  We started asking questions about some of the buildings that were for sale downtown...