As we come upon our 1 year anniversary, we thought it would be fun to look back at some stats about the brewery and taproom over our first year in business. So here it is, a fun little infographic-style blog post for your enjoyment:

Dimes Brewhouse, By The Numbers


Beer Brewed

53 batches / 169 bbls / 5,239 gal

17 unique recipes of beer brewed


Cider & Wine

176.9 gallons cider and 90.4 gallons wine made


Food Trucks

10 different food vendors brought to Dimondale

5 Beerfests attended

Beerfest at the Ballpark, Lansing Beer Fest in REO Town, Ionia Free Fair Beer Fest, Beers Bands and Barfood, Holt BeerWorks

handprint art.png

$1,500 donated

to community organizations and charities

mash paddle.PNG

# Stuck Mashes

4 (ish?) We are blocking them from our memory…

2 beer spill disasters;

1 of which was caught on camera for your amusement:

The great pineapple disaster of 2018: Pressure from a too-powerful pump made a hose full of yeast, hops, and pineapple slurry pop out of the drain and thoroughly spray down the brewing area, with a special vengeance for the tool chest.


Mad Chemist Club Members

(and counting…)

piggy bank.jpg


Dollars that MCC Members have saved in discounts

35,428 drinks poured

And hopefully many, many more in the coming years!

A big THANK YOU to our customers for a great first year! Cheers to many more to come.

-Your Friendly Village Brewery