If you are an artist or photographer who would like to showcase your work, keep reading! If you know an artist or photographer, please pass this information on to them. We are continuously updating our art display calendar for the coming months. Local artists can get some great exposure by displaying their work on our taproom wall.

We can exhibit all sorts of 2-dimensional work, including photography, paintings, drawings, digital, mixed media, fabric art, chalk, ink, pastels, etc, as long as it is not extremely heavy. We have three (42” x 60”) boards to hang artwork on, which are covered in fabric carpet and we use curtain hooks behind each piece to hang the artwork.

Usually you can expect that we will display your artwork for 1 month, but possibly up to 2 months.

We charge a 10% fee to process payments for artwork through our register. So please remember to build 10% fees into your prices for the artwork. We aren’t trying to make money on artists; this fee goes toward sales tax and credit card processing fees.

When a piece of artwork sells, we will ask the buyer if they are willing to pick it up at the end of the month, and we will mark it sold. If they want to take it with them immediately we will let them, and you can back-fill with more pieces as space allows. At the end of the month when you take down your artwork, we will write you a check for any pieces that sold.

During the month that your artwork is displayed, we will schedule a Meet and Greet event – a chance for customers to come in and meet you! We host these events on Sundays from 3-5 pm. Once we settle on Sunday that works for you during your display month, we will create an event on Facebook that you can share far and wide. This is a great chance to market yourself, so invite lots of friends and family to come see your work displayed!

To be considered, please send us:

  1. Your contact information (phone number and email address).

  2. Photos of your art or a link to an online gallery if you have one, so we can get a good idea of your style and decide whether it is a good fit for our taproom.

Our email: contact@dimesbrewhouse.com