As we get closer and closer to opening, we thought it'd be fun to take a look back at our journey so far. Dimondale's little flower shop has been transformed, and Dimes Brewhouse is getting sooo close to brewing our first batch of beer! Join us on a photo tour of the last two and a half years. 

We'll start this tour outside. Pouring cement in December for our sidewalk wasn't ideal, but it worked out alright. Right now we're giving the wood on the handicap ramp some time to dry out properly before we paint or stain it. The little fence we have now is temporary - just a licensing requirement, to mark off the future patio area. Hopefully we'll start work on the real patio next spring!

Now let's walk down that exquisite new concrete sidewalk to the back door (which is normally Employees Only, but we'll let it slide just this once) and walk straight into the heart of the brewery. What used to be the florist's work space is now the brewhouse. Shiny new floor, new lights, new sinks... new everything, really.

Checking the brewhouse out from another angle, you can see a ton of changes have been made. The bathroom door was moved to the taproom side of the wall and the bathroom was actually expanded to comply with ADA requirements. The window to the taproom was made much bigger so everyone can see all the pretty stainless steel. 

One more view of the brewhouse - this time you are standing in the doorway to the taproom, looking at the backdoor where you just walked in. And look, there's that pretty stainless steel I just mentioned ;)

Now we'll check out one of the less glamorous parts of the building: a small part of the basement that is now our wine and cider making area. First we ripped out the existing water damaged drywall. LOTS of changes occurred down here - we installed a drainage system for the whole basement to avoid future water issues (more on that here), and there are new steel beams adding extra support to the main floor. We built new walls for this room, and finished it out with shiny, easy-to-clean-and-sanitize surfaces.

OK, back upstairs to the taproom. Hellooooooo bar!

Another view, from the corner

Last one! Now you are standing at the front door.

And this is where we conclude our tour, boot you out the door, and tell you we'll let you back in when the beer is ready! The opening date not quite set yet, as we want to make sure there aren't any unexpected hiccups that occur when we start brewing.

Cheers everyone!

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