UPDATE: We now have a page with all the mad chemist club info. Check it our right here.


What is it?

A LIFETIME membership to the coolest club around, that’s what! Club members will be treated to all kinds of perks at Dimes Brewhouse.

What perks?

Glad you asked! Club members will get a 50¢ discount off EVERY drink (including beer, cider, & wine in every size that we will sell), every day we are open. They’ll also get a $2 discount off every growler. One night of the week will be Club Night, when members will receive an additional 50¢ discount (total $1 off). The Mad Chemist Club members will always be the first to know about limited release and experimental beers, and they will get early and/or discounted access to special events held at Dimes.

But the brewery isn't even open yet... 

(SIGH) That's right. We really hoped to be open by the end of 2016, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. Unfortunately, everything so far has taken longer than we anticipated. Thankfully, most of the approvals are out of the way (State Microbrewery License, Federal Brewer's Notice, and County Building Plan Approval - check, check, and check!). Actual construction is going to begin THIS MONTH! Once the brewery is built, we of course need time to brew some awesome beer! So, with all that in mind, we are looking at an opening date somewhere in Spring 2017.

We realize that you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of this membership until Dimes is open, so we will be working our butts off to make that happen ASAP. If you are growing impatient to see Dimes open, then join the Mad Chemist Club! Every single person who joins will be moving us one step closer to opening. The money we raise through the memberships will be going directly toward brewing equipment like serving tanks, the water purification system, and lots and lots of stainless steel valves and fittings! 

We will be forever grateful to the Founding Members of the Mad Chemist Club, and you will feel good knowing that you helped to bring craft beer to Dimondale!

  • LIFETIME Membership

  • 50¢ discount off every drink

  • $2 discount off every growler

  • Additional 50¢ discount (total $1 off) on the weekly Club Night

  • Be the first to know about limited release and experimental beers

  • Early &/or discounted access to special events at Dimes Brewhouse


Option 1: “The package deal” $75

Includes all the Mad Chemist Club membership benefits above, plus a Dimes Brewhouse growler, and an exclusive FOUNDING MEMBER t-shirt. That way, everyone will know that you played a role bringing this little microbrewery to life!

We haven't ordered the tees yet, so this is just a rendering of what they will look like, but let me tell you, they are going to be AWESOME. They will be Made in the USA, super soft, and we'll have both a ladies scoop-neck and regular tee available. The back will have printing on it as well, with FOUNDING MEMBER printed so everyone will know you helped bring craft beer to Dimondale. The growlers will be flawless vessels made to carry precious liquids from the brewhouse to your home, friend's house, tailgate, campfire, and wherever else you wish!

Option 2: “Just Give Me the Beer” $50

You are part of the Mad Chemist Club for life! Includes all the membership perks, no frills.

I'm in. How can I join?

Your first chance to get in the club will be this Saturday, November 19. We will be at the brewery (145 Bridge Street) from 2-4pm. Come get your membership and say hi to the brewers! We'd love to meet you!

After this Saturday, we'll start selling the memberships online, and we'll also plan to sell them in person at the brewery on the following two Saturdays, as well (Nov. 26 & Dec 3).  Hope to see you there!


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